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Axys Adventures – Truthseeker


Axys Adventures: Truth Seeker is an action packed game for the PC featuring stunning graphics and a powerful Christian message. The story is ultimately a parable speaking of the healing and forgiveness that takes place in our lives when we give God access to our hearts, but also the danger and tragedy that occurs when we give the enemy access to our hearts by believing his lies. It's also a blast to play!

A 1-player adventure game for ages 7 and up.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows98/ME/2000/XP/Win7/Win8/Win10 – Intel Pentium® III 800 MHz or equivalent processor – 256 MB RAM – 32 MB 3D graphics with Hardware Transform and Lightning such as NVIDIA® Geforce™ 2 clsss or above – DirectX 9.0c (included) or higher and latest video drivers – 2.4 GB available hard drive space – 4X CD-ROM drive. RECOMMENDED: Intel Pentium® IV Ghz – 512 MB RAM – 64 MB 3D Grapics cards.

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AxysShotZ (262)

Upon awakening on the morning of the yearly festival, teenage Axys and the people of Pacifico Island are shocked by the disappearance of their once-beautiful vegetation. Colorful flowers and soft green grass have been overrun by ugly, rough weeds. The unwelcome plants have invaded the farms and are threatening to eat away the islanders’ crops. Some of the weeds have grown so large that they even fight back! The Island is overrun.  Now it is up to you, controlling the character of the teenage warrior Axys, to battle the weeds and uncover the secrets that will stop them from ever returning..

  • Fully explorable and interactive world with over 80 areas to explore
  • Interactive level up and combat system
  • A vast array of enemies and bosses which the player must fight using tact and wit
  • Stunning graphics and visual effects
  • Over 21 challenging puzzles to solve, including slider, memory, platform, switch, box and maze puzzles.
  • 30 un-lockable battle arena levels
  • 6 fun minigames which offer endless fun in attempting to reach new highscores
  • Internet capabilities which allow you to upload your stats and scores to an online high-score list.
  • Entertaining bible puzzles which educate and inspire
  • An immersive and epic storyline which starts off lite but dramatically grows and expands as you progress.
  • Interactive cutscenes including a powerful ending which jumpstarts the excitement into the next title
  • A host of unique and interactive characters with superb voice acting for all in-game dialog
  • Over 20 hours game-play

“The Axys Adventures is a good game for parents to purchase who are looking for a Biblically based game for their kids…The Axys Adventures gets a 99 (A).”
– Matt Yaggi of Al Menconi Ministries

“If you want to see just how far Christian video games have come, then look no further than The Axys Adventures Truth Seeker…”
– Family Friendly Gaming

“Seemlessly includes Christian themes…By far the best looking Christian game out there…10 out of 10”
– Matthew Linder of


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