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Video Games

Video games are arguably the greatest storytelling tool of our generation.  We have one award winning game for the PC available now for purchase – others are in development.


Drawing upon our rich heritage of Bunyan, Tolkien, Lewis and others, we seek to use the fantasy genre to communicate eternal truths and themes.


Music has always been a vehicle for communicating the core stories to each new generation.  We seek to sing new songs of the sacred themes.

Release Date: November 22, 2015

Abram: The Breaking

He grew up a Sumerian Prince with Dreams of Leading Armies and Conquering Kingdoms. His true destiny was something far greater….

So begins an epic tale of political intrigue, romance and the emotional soul searching of a man who would become one of the world’s most influential figures. Three great religions would come to claim him as their forefather in faith. But where did Abraham’s faith come from? Part historical fiction and part fantasy,The Breaking tells that story.

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Award Winning Video Game for the PC

Winner of the 2007 Christian Game of the Year Award


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Nov 2015
11th Nov 2015

New Site Launched

It's been a good four or five years since the Rebel Planet site received a major upgrade.  Launching the new site in conjunction with the first book in the Rebel Planet series!  Sorry for all you who have been waiting so long for the Rebel Planet Orion video game to come out.  Still stalled, but exploring breathing some life into that project.  However, the book has some fun Orion references in it.  Hope you check it out and help spread the word!